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Coming SOON

We Go Beyond The Convention

We cant wait to show you what's coming next....

We think playfully when we practice, we are quirky in our expression and are inquisitive the more we discover.


There is a natural joy for life and that keeps us in the flow. Everyone has the right to access this goodness. Whether that’s expressed through mountaintop chanting, city rooftop yoga, conscious eating or sunset beach meditation... SATTRA collaborates with wellbeing specialists, artists & musicians to co-create inspiring and original experiences.

We'll keep you connected with what's cultivating - just leave us your email.

Fitness on Yoga Mat

On your Path of Truth ....

... you remain curious, you know there's something bigger to unfold in life yet you're on a journey (inward) using yoga & mindful living to find it.


You might not always be clear about where to look, but you have faith that it exists and you know the truth will inevitably reveal itself.

Enjoy the Journey xx

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