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Corporate Wellbeing 

SATTRA provides your company with the platform to empower your employees by prioritising their health & wellbeing

We work with many multinational businesses throughout Asia, elevating the wellbeing goals for their staff by providing Asana (poses), Meditation and Pranayama (breathwork) sessions to keep their workforce physically fit, reduce stress levels and increase productivity.

The POSITIVES Truths  of Wellness at Work:-

37% lower absenteeism levels
up to 65% lower employee turnover

10% higher customer satisfaction

21% higher productivity
22% higher profitability

Wellness at work also results in higher earnings per share, outperforming peers by as much as 147%.

We partner with businesses who value the wellbeing of their people

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A glimpse at the corporate wellbeing services we provide 
Double click on each service to discover more

We can consider a customisable wellbeing program for your workforce throughout Asia. Let's chat.  


Enjoy the Journey xx

On your Path of Truth ....

... you remain curious, you know there's something bigger to unfold in life yet you're on a journey (inward) using yoga & mindful living to find it.


You might not always be clear about where to look, but you have faith that it exists and you know the truth will inevitably reveal itself.

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