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Corporate Wellness 

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Welcome to your ABN AMRO Corporate Yoga classes website. ABN AMRO puts your wellbeing first by providing weekly classes with Asana (poses), Meditation & Pranayama (breathwork) to keep you physically fit, reduce stress and increase productivity.


Back in class .... !

It's so good to be back on Wednesday 27th April. Now with mandatory social distancing restrictions ​soon to be lifted, we plan to bring back regular Yoga classes to ABN AMRO at the Town Hall, HK or virtually. Scroll down to book your yoga mat.


Town Hall Cancellation policy - due to popularity of Town Hall class attendance, we kindly ask you to make any cancellation prior to the class starting directly with HR on or

Any "no show" will result in a strike and up to 2 strikes means you will not be able to book online and instead be on stand by for future classes. 

This policy is simply to make sure everyone gets a fair chance to book their mat and enjoy the experience. That way we all get to have our cake and eat it xx

All about your classes

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*4.30pm HK / CN / SG Time

* 5.30pm JP Time

* 6.30pm AU Time

You can join classes in the office at the HK Town Hall or by live stream if you're working remotely.  Choose the correct link below and you'll be emailed all the information to join.

If you can't find what you're looking for, either contact Nav from SATTRA on or Meiji from HR on

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Learn about your teacher 


Nikki was first introduced to yoga in 2006 due to some health complications and although initially drawn to the physical benefits of yoga, she kept coming back as she found her mind calmer, clearer and more at peace. Overtime, yoga has become an integral part of her life as it continues to provide a compass home within.

Nikki has been teaching since 2011 after she completed her first Teacher Training. Over the years, she is grateful to have studied under many different teachers and is certified to teach Alignment Yoga, Yin Yoga, Pre & Post Natal Yoga, as well as Children & Family Yoga. She is currently undertaking further studies with the Iyengar yoga Centre of Hong Kong.

Visit Nikki's website to see how else she serves through healing with reiki, sound, meditation and asana.

Book your weekly Wednesday pm* yoga classes for 2022

By confirming your attendance to this class you are also agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

I understand and agree that the yoga class being held through ABN AMRO Bank NV Hong Kong branch is a physical activity and that I undertake participating in any such class at my own sole risk and responsibility.  I am physically fit enough to engage in this activity and have consulted with my doctor if I have any concerns about my ability and health.  I hereby agree and confirm that I will hold ABN AMRO Bank N.V. harmless and shall not seek to hold ABN AMRO Bank NV liable for any liability whatsoever arising in respect of any injury or other damage suffered, directly or indirectly by myself arising out of or in connection with my participation in the class.

This is your wellness experience

ABN AMRO Experience

Your contributions ...

..... have collectively planted



trees for your attendance to classes throughout your initial 3 months of wellness during 2021. 

Every time you come to your mat, not only do you contribute to your personal wellbeing, but also to the wellbeing of our planet. 



For more information visit


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OneTreePlanted certificate.png

Enjoy the Journey xx

On your Path of Truth ....

... you remain curious, you know there's something bigger to unfold in life yet you're on a journey (inward) using yoga & mindful living to find it.


You might not always be clear about where to look, but you have faith that it exists and you know the truth will inevitably reveal itself.

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