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Private Yoga

Your PRIVATE Yoga Sessions

An immersive and rewarding practice that takes every student on an exploration for self-discovery and alignment.


Asana, meditation & pranayama is taught using precise cues to create a deeper and dynamic connection between the body and mind so that every student exceeds their own achievements, using body, breath and intention. 

How do YOU benefit...?

  • A personalised experience when committing to your self care 

  • Time to relax, reconnect and re-align with you, physically & spiritually

  • Positive transitions in your practice that reflect in your life

  • Aiming for optimal health and improved immunity

  • Recovery from physical injury


Choose your SANCTUARY Location



Remain in the comfort of your home. We come to you so you can relax after class

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Our SATTRA Studio

A light, calm & refreshing haven nestled amidst the calmness of Fashion walk, Causeway Bay 


(the universe) ONLINE

Join no matter which time zone or location, simply click to join your private class

Private Yoga Booking

Book your regular sessions...immerse in the experience...feel the transformation.

Private Student Yoga Props 1.jpg

You will need the full set of props when participating in SATTRA's private
1x mat, 2x blocks, 1x strap & 2x blankets (+ 1x bolster for prenatal yoga)

Once you've signed up for your private class, we will send you a special voucher to purchase any of the props you need at a discounted private rate from the SATTRA Store.  Aligned with SATTRA values of making sustainable and ecological life choices, our props are eco-friendly - toxic free and recyclable.  

Your teacher will make the props available for your first session with us.

For effective alignment in traditional yoga poses, we use props to ensure we enter each pose with ease, stability, and safety to get the full benefits of the posture, no matter what stage of yoga you're at.


On your Path of Truth ....

... you remain curious, you know there's something bigger to unfold in life, yet you're on a journey (inward) using yoga & mindful living to find it.


You might not always be clear about where to look, but you have faith that it exists and you know the truth will inevitably reveal itself.

Enjoy the Journey xx

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