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100% organic cotton undyed Yoga blankets from India are available.

The blankets are 208cm x 272cm.


Advise to purchase 2 blankets for Private sessions (each HK$295)

No discount voucher applicable for this purchase


Our yoga blankets are made with 100% cotton. Regular cotton and organic cotton blankets are available.

The blankets are made with a rougher grade cotton which is what gives the blankets firmness and stability — useful when using the blankets for Yoga practice. Fluffy blankets or blankets that are too soft won’t work well in yoga practice.

The organic cotton yoga blankets are softer than the regular yoga blankets.The yoga blankets are manufactured in India. They need to be washed before use.

1 x Organic Yoga Blanket

  • We recommend using a gentle wash cycle (such as that used for delicates).

    **Avoid spinning the blankets on a high speed spin cycle. **

    If taking the yoga blankets to the laundry shop ensure they use a washing method suitable for delicates.

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