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Celebrating your wellbeing for

International Women's Day 2022


in collaboration with

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CARTIER puts your wellbeing first by providing 3 x complimentary virtual Yoga classes during the week of International Women's Day 2022.

Your Virtual Classes


Wednesday 9th March 9:30am



Hatha yoga is a traditional form of asana practice with proven benefits spanning a thousand-year history. A regular practice helps to strengthen and improve the condition of  the central nervous system to sustain immunity and mental stability. It strengthens the spine, the muscles, heart and gives a clear outlook to life to make better business decisions


Thursday 10th March 12pm



Vinyasa involves a continual flow of movement with yoga poses performed in smooth succession. The flow will be guided for beginners to increase endurance, flexibility and mild cardio. The calm flow will include foundational poses for stretching and mindfulness. This soothing practice is great for naturally reducing stress and anxiety.


Friday 11th March 5:30pm




Yin is a slower, more mindful and an immersive practice, We hold a pose for a longer period of time to allow a deeper stretch and flexibility to go beyond the muscles, reaching the deeper tissue and ligaments of the body.  This practice uses breath and awareness of the body to bring greater tranquility of the mind.

in collaboration with 

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Well done for your contribution.
Cartier planted 48 trees simply for your participation

Supporting women... 

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Learn about your teacher 

Michelle thrives on empowering her students to explore poses that safely challenge their limits by providing detailed alignment cues to create a strong, yet safe practice. Her classes are fun, energetic, and challenging, regardless of physical ability.

Michelle is fun, motivated, and adventurous. She is passionate about her yoga practice and is always seeking and exploring new methods and techniques to strengthen her  practice. 

Michelle on IG

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